Foreclosure Vs Short Sale – What Should I Do?

When faced with the sinking feeling you can no longer make your mortgage payments your next question is likely: What are my options? Foreclosure is a long and complicated process in which the bank takes your home back because of default. In Colorado the mortgage company

Lease Purchase Deals and Pitfalls

Concept of the Lease Purchase Agreement In all the transactions related to the property market, lease purchase deals are most liked by both the sellers and the buyers. These deals require good paperwork to complete these transactions in benefit of both the parties. These types

Expired Listings – Part One

Part One: Are Expired Listings Really Worth It? Expired listings are a hot real estate marketing topic lately. Some agents swear by expired listings and claim to earn nice commissions of them every single month. But for the majority of real estate agents,

Unfortunately, I Have Some Bad News For You

By the day tenants are gaining unfair advantage! “How long did you think you would get away with it?” “I don’t know what you are talking about….” This is a quote from a conversation that was relaid to me. It took place between a property