Conveyancing Solicitor – What Do They Do?

Conveyancing of a property or transferring the legal ownership of a property is usual. People have to opt for these legal formalities whenever they need to buy or sell a property. It is known to everyone that the transferring of the title

When A Great View Is Not A Great View

House hunting is a game wherein you try to get the most while paying the least. Part of getting the most is often finding a home with a view, but don’t be a sucker. After a hard days work, you come home to your dream home. You change into something comfortable, grab a beverage

House Hunting From House Listings

There are two sides of house listings. Today we are about to discuss the good sides of both: one for the buyer and the other for the seller. How much are properties worth now? Both for families and unattached seeking for a place to live in either permanently

What to Do If You Live in a Bad Neighborhood

High crime rates, incidents of robberies, gang wars, discrimination, and too-distant police stations – these are just some of the prominent characteristics of a bad neighborhood. What if you live in a neighborhood like this and relocation is a solution that

HVCC and Its Impact to Real Estate Industry

Home valuation code of conduct, or commonly known as HVCC, is a new provision is the real estate mortgage market. Such rule imposes that everything associated with getting home loans must go through an approval process under a management company. This has been