Mold Inspection and Testing in Queens

The home buying and selling community is abuzz with talk about insurance and liability issues involving stachybotrys chartarum, also known as black mold or toxic mold. Most Queens homeowner policies now include a clause that excludes or limits payments for mold-related

What Makes Hyderabad Special?

When I’m asked why Hyderabad is a great place to invest in real estate, my immediate reaction is, “Well, isn’t that obvious?” Let me state the facts first. Hyderabad is leading the way in real estate development compared to other cities. The infrastructure is keeping pace with the explosive

South Boston Real Estate

The real estate market across the country is very flat right now and it is definitely a buyers market. One market that is not so flat is South Boston real estate. They really have weathered the storm quite well considering markets like Miami, San Diego, Arizona and Las Vegas. All were booming

Alternative Home Designs – Atriums

Building a home for yourself is the American Dream. For some people, it is important to build something unique. Alternative Home Designs You’ve worked your rear end off and reached a financial status where you can do some dreaming. One dream is to buy some

Property Taxes and Oversized House

Lisa and Jaime, ages 57 and 59 live in a four bedroom, 3000 square foot Fort Lauderdale, Florida home. They’ve priced smaller homes and estimate that a townhouse with three bedrooms would provide ample room for the family. They’ve discussed about moving to a smaller home, but are staying

Buying a Holiday Home Or Property in France

Buying a property in France is a dream for many Brits. Whether you choose to fly, get the train or drive, travel options are plentiful and relatively cheap which makes France ideal for a quick getaway! Buying a property in France is similar to the process

The Bare Necessities of a Residential Lease

As the small-time landlord goes about getting started managing the rental property they just bought, they are sure to discover that there are literally thousands of different variations of the residential property lease. It is always best to have a lawyer